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7th-12th Grade Connect Conference

June 25
Check in at 5:30 pm
June 30
Check out at 4:00 pm
Registration Opening Soon
Josh Robinson & Tyler Chappell


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Camper letter available to download at the bottom of this page!

REGISTRATION UPDATE: This session is at maximum capacity. If your camper is interested in attending Round Lake this summer, we recommend looking at one of our other camp sessions. To add a camper to the waiting list, click HERE.

This session is designed to be attended with your youth group. If you are a youth leader interested in bringing your youth group, please contact Josh Robinson (High School) or Tyler Chappell (Junior High) for additional information.

Note: Check-in will take place in the Retreat Center on the Camp Side, located at 114 SR 3, Lakeville, OH 44638. Please leave camper luggage in your vehicle until after check-in. Thank you! 



  • Connect is now open to 7th-12th grade! Previously, Connect was only offered for 9th-12th grade campers. One of our former junior high sessions (7th-9th Grade Camp Four led by Tyler Chappell and Jeremiah Stivers) has combined with the former 9th-12th Grade Connect Conference (led by Josh Robinson) to offer this expanded program available to your entire youth group!
  • Connect will now cover the entire camp! High school will be housed at the Lodge Side, with junior high being housed on the Camp Side. Both groups will check in together at the Gym on Lodge Side. Some programming will be shared between the groups with other elements divided by junior high and high school.

About Connect

Connect is designed to reach junior and high school students and their youth groups. We combine some of the best elements from large conferences with the close knit community and spiritual power of  Round Lake. Here is some of what makes our week special.
Elective Classes
Each morning you will attend a class of your choosing that connects something you love doing with your faith. Some of our regular options include hiking, art, basketball, board games and outdoor adventures.
Each day features two incredible times of worship and teaching. Our services are special because we include games, creative prayer elements, drama and unique worship experiences in every session.
Late Night Fun
Our late night experiences are often the highlight of the week. We host concerts, take trips to ride go-karts and throw dance parties. These big events will give you a chance to connect with new friends and process a great day.

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