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A unique place where the Gospel of Jesus Christ is experienced.

Welcome to Round Lake Christian Camp! Founded in 1949, Round Lake is owned by and accountable to member Christian Churches and Churches of Christ in the North Central Ohio area. It is through their generosity that we are able to provide summer camps, year-round retreats and rentals for private retreats. We are also grateful to our many private donors who help make our mission possible.


Missions Giving: Over 1 Million Dollars to Missions

Each camp session chooses a missionary or missions organization to raise money for during their session. 

Since 1949, Round Lake campers and volunteers have given $1,105,406 to local and international organizations.

In cross referencing each years giving with 2019 inflation rates the total amount in todays value would be $1,952,302.

The map below represents the organizations and locations of the missions giving from 1996-2018.