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Wilderness Camp Zipline Project


With your help, a new, longer zipline will be coming to Wilderness Camp in 2020!

What is Wilderness Camp?

Started in the 1980’s, Wilderness Camp is Round Lake’s second campus. It is located in Licking County, about one hour south of Main Camp. Featuring primitive camping cabins rather than dorms, this facility is designed with our most adventurous campers in mind to provide them with a more rugged camping experience. A smaller facility, Wilderness provides a more intimate setting typically hosting no more than 30 campers at one time. Campers hike in the woods, swim in the river and worship in the heart of God’s creation.

Why is the old zipline being replaced?

Each summer, rappelling and ziplining are two of the most popular activities at our Wilderness Camp. Our zipline recently reached its end of life, a normal and expected occurrence for this type of structure. The zipline was built utilizing live trees, which is a common and safe practice. Bolts are placed in the trees, and once the trees grow to a certain point around the bolt, the zipline is retired as the bolts can no longer be inspected. Our trees have reached this benchmark, meaning it is time to build a new zipline!

Tell me about the new zipline!

Rather than building an identical zipline at the same site utilizing different trees, we are using this opportunity to improve the program as we look towards the future. First, the zipline location is being moved to a more accessible area. Rather than starting from a platform which must be reached via ladder, the launch point will be from a small deck built at the edge of a cliff. Twice each year, Wilderness Camp hosts a group serving veterans with disabilities. By launching from a deck rather than the platform, the new zipline will now be much more accessible to our veterans, allowing them to enjoy this activity during their time at camp. 
Additionally, the new location gives us the opportunity to extend the zipline. While the previous zipline was 350 feet long, the new zipline will extend for 900 feet. Rather than using trees, we are installing new telephone poles, which were generously donated. This should extend the projected life of the zipline as we will be using poles rather than live trees.

What's next?

Once the poles are set, a professional will be installing the zipline cable. A launching deck will also be built. The total cost for this project will be about $10,000. Research and preparation for the zipline project began in the fall of 2019 to ensure we were able to obtain multiple quotes and donations to lower the anticipated project cost. This is how we were able to lower to cost to around $10,000. 
In light of the present situation regarding COVID-19, our staff is striving to cut costs wherever possible without negatively impacting safety or the ministry of the camp. Many of our spring events were either cancelled or postponed, meaning cashflow moving into the summer season is lower than it typically would be. We hope to finish this project before opening up Wilderness Camp. If you would like to contribute to help make this possible, you may donate online through this page. You may also mail donations to:
Round Lake Christian Camp
Attn: Zipline Project
114 State Route 3
Lakeville, OH 44638

Questions? Contact Lance Powers. 


We can't wait to share the new zipline with our campers. Thank you for your support of our ministry!


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