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Lance Powers

Management Team: Facilities & Golf Course Manager

Lance arrived at Round Lake in 2003 to serve as the Wilderness and Private Retreats Director. He had previously served at Elkhorn Valley Christian Camp for 17 years. Lance and his wife, Susan, and their three children (all now adults) have been hanging out at camp for about 30 years. In October of 2013, Lance Powers became the Camp Manager of Round Lake, serving in this role until the spring of 2022 at which time he transitioned to being a member of the management team. In his free time, you can often catch Lance flying remote control airplanes or hiking a stretch of the Appalachian Trail.

Camp has always been an integral part of my life. As a 2 year old, I was in my first camp picture when my mom worked in the camp kitchen. I was later baptized at camp in the summer of 1974. During junior and senior high I worked at camp, transitioning into an internship during my college years. Camp has now been my full-time ministry for 35 years. What a journey camp has been! It is my honor to serve at Round Lake.

Phone / Extension: 
(419) 827-2017

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