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Sam Spence

Management Team: Operations Manager & Finance

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Sam first started working at Round Lake part-time in the summer of 2010. Sam accepted a full-time position in May of 2013. He and his wife Chelsea live on the camp property and serve as caretakers year round. Sam focuses on the business and operations side of camp management including human resources, employee management, finance, graphic design and publications. Sam has a background in building race car motors, so when he is not in his office, he enjoys lending a hand to maintain all of Round Lake's rangers, cars and trucks, jet-skis, golf carts and more! 

In his free time Sam enjoys working on his own cars, fishing, and traveling to rally races throughout the United States. 


"Ever since I started working at camp as summer staff in 2009, I fell in love with the mission of the camp. Round Lake is where I learned the most about myself; facing fears, trying new things, pushing my bounderies and accepting myself. I love what I do, and am so blessed I get to call Round Lake my home!" 

Phone / Extension: 
(419) 827-2017

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