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Jodi Keener

Food Service Coordinator

Jodi arrived at Round Lake as full-time staff in 2014, bringing with her years of experience in food service management. She handles every aspect from meal planning to ordering food and overseeing the kitchen staff and volunteers. Naturally, Jodi is the first of the camp staff you will want to befriend as you venture onto the Round Lake property. She is often spotted baking cookies and her world-renowned parmesan-breaded chicken. 

I was a camper at Round Lake in the 70's. Yes, way back then. I would even help out in the kitchen. I have wonderful memories here at Round Lake, and when I was offered the Food Service Manager position, I couldn't turn it down. I accepted my Lord Jesus Christ here at camp years ago, and now I can serve Him better by influencing other campers and staff.

Phone / Extension: 
(419) 827-2017

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