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Ben Strouse

Management Team: Private Retreat & Program Manager

Ben has been a regular at Round Lake for most of his life. He started his camp career early, working in the kitchen at age 16. After 7 years of working as summer staff, Ben had the opportunity to join the Round Lake staff full-time in October of 2013. Ben is passionate about anything related to games, so overseeing programming has been a natural fit for him. Ben also enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and daughter and playing hobby board games in his free time.

I love Round Lake. It has become a second home to me over the years. As a camper, I often attended 2 weeks of summer camp just to avoid choosing between Wilderness and Main Camp. As soon as I was old enough, I applied for my first summer job at Round Lake. Eventually, the Lord blessed me with a full-time job opportunity at the camp. I am excited to be serving the Lord and our campers (both young and old) here at the camp. 

Phone / Extension: 
(419) 827-2017

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