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Is Paper or Online Registration Right for Me?

Click HERE to register online.

Click HERE to download a paper registration form to print.

Round Lake offers two forms of camper registration for your convenience. Neither option is superior to the other, and neither will make your camper more or less likely to attend your preferred session.


You may prefer online registration if:

  • You frequently shop online
  • You regularly utilize online banking
  • You pay bills online
  • You prefer paying via credit or debit card
  • You check email on a regular basis


You may prefer paper registration if:

  • You have never shopped online
  • You do NOT utilize online banking
  • You pay bills via mail
  • You prefer paying with cash, check or money order rather than debit or credit card
  • You check email infrequently


How does Round Lake prioritize camper registrations when a session is almost full?

Sometimes, camp sessions fill up and Round Lake is unable to accept additional applicants for a camp session. When a camp session is nearly full, online registration is shut down and registrations to fill the final spots are accepted via mail only. This is to ensure fairness to all campers as we understand online registration is not possible for all families. For example, say there was only one spot remaining for a camp session. A family drops a paper registration form in the mail on Monday morning, but it takes four days for that registration to arrive at the camp. Since online registration is closed down, an online registration could not be submitted on Tuesday to claim that final spot and beat out the mailed registration. 


Once online registration has been shut off for a session that is nearly full, the final spots are filled by paper registrations only. When multiple registrations are received for a final slot, that decision is made by earliest postmarked date. When you mail a paper registration form, the post office stamps the date on which they received that piece of mail. Essentially, we give the final camper slot to the family who dropped the registration in the mail first rather than the one who gets their registration to the camp first. For this reason, there is no need to physically drive a paper registration form to the camp. You may instead mail that form, and we will use the postmarked date as your submission date. Once a session is filled, any additional applicants will be contacted and given the option of transferring to a different session or being placed on a waiting list.

For more information on waiting lists, visit our FAQs page and read "How do waiting lists work for full weeks of camp?"