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Full Time Staff

Lance Powers

Camp Manager

Lance arrived at Round Lake in 2003 to serve as the Wilderness and Private Retreats Director. He had previously served at Elkhorn Valley Christian Camp for 17 years. Lance and his wife, Susan, and their three children (all now adults) have been hanging out at camp for about 30 years. In October of 2013, Lance Powers became the Camp Manager of Round Lake. In his free time, you can often catch... read more

Sam Spence

Assistant Camp Manager/Golf Course Superintendent

Sam started working full-time at Round Lake in May of 2013. He and his wife Chelsea live on the camp property. As the Assistant Camp Manager, Sam focuses on the business side of camp management including marketing, human resources, graphic design, website/social media and publications. When Sam is not in his office you will find him at the Round Lake Golf Course where he manages Mowing, Chemical... read more

Ben Strouse

Private Retreat & Program Director

Ben has been a regular at Round Lake since he was a young lad. He started his camp career early, working in the kitchen at age 16. After 7 years of working as summer staff, Ben had the opportunity to join the Round Lake staff full-time in October of 2013. His lovely wife Sasha also works at the camp. Ben is passionate about anything related to games, so being Program Director has been a natural... read more

Brianna Cooper-Risser

Office Manager & Registrar

Brianna first experienced Round Lake as a seven-month-old infant at Spring Family Camp. Since then, she has attended Round Lake as a camper, volunteered as faculty and served as summer staff. She joined the full-time staff as Office Manager & Registrar in February of 2014. Brianna and her husband Tanner were married at the camp in 2015. In her free time, Brianna enjoys kayaking, ropework,... read more

Jodi Keener

Food Service Manager

Jodi arrived at Round Lake as full-time staff in 2014, bringing with her years of experience in food service management. She handles every aspect from meal planning to ordering food and overseeing the kitchen staff and volunteers. Naturally, Jodi is the first of the camp staff you will want to befriend as you venture onto the Round Lake property. She is often spotted baking cookies and her world-... read more

Carolyn Eichelberger

Financial Administrator

Carolyn arrived at Round Lake in August of 1985 to serve as the Office Assistant and Camp Store Manager. In 1987, she assumed the role of Office Manager and Financial Assistant. Since 2003, she has served as the camp's Financial Administrator. Carolyn has been married to her husband Ralph for 48 years. They have two children and two grandchildren. Carolyn and Ralph are members of the Orrville... read more

Greg Eichelberger

Project Manager

Greg moved to Round Lake as a high school sophomore in August 1985 with his parents, Ralph and Carolyn. Following high school, he attended Lincoln Christian College for one year. He then worked eight years remodeling and building homes for a local contractor. During that time, he also volunteered with the camp. In 1994, he married Natalie on the camp fishing dock. Two years later the couple moved... read more

Kelly Jo Ickes


Kellyn is the mother of two. She works hard everyday to make sure the camp facilities are clean and comfortable for our guests.  "While much of America seems to be getting more and more divisive, I'm going to be holding doors for strangers, letting people cut in front of me in traffic, greeting all I meet, exercising patience with others, and smiling at strangers. I'll do this as often as I have... read more

Jeremy Whitmore

Head of Grounds/Maintenance

Jeremy started working for Round Lake in May of 2017. He has worked in the grounds keeping/snow plowing field most of his life. He started cutting grass at age 7 and went into business at age 14. When not working at Round Lake, Jeremy works for Western Holmes Fire District where he has been an active member since 2005. He is currently the district's first and only fire inspector.  In his free... read more

Part Time Staff

Mike Liston

Wilderness Camp Manager

Mike started at Wilderness Camp as a volunteer back in the 1980's. A part of the original Rope Team, he helped offer rappelling in addition to a zip-line that was built across the creek. Talk about adventure! His first paid position with the camp started in 2008, and he currently serves as the Wilderness Camp Manager overseeing the Wilderness program. It has been a fun journey at Round Lake, and... read more

Matt Russo

Wilderness Camp Food Service Manager

Genna Murphy

Wilderness Camp Program Staff

Genna began volunteering at Round Lake Wilderness Camp in 2012 at the age of thirteen. She officially joined the Round Lake Wilderness Camp as Program Staff in 2015. Genna’s passion for the outdoors is most evident when she is sharing the rope skills she has gained over the years at Round Lake. Ever since I was a little girl, whenever someone would mention summer, my first thought would be church... read more

Allie Sugalski

Wilderness Camp Program Staff

Frank Wayne Keener


Controversy abounds regarding this employee's actual name. He goes by either Frank or Wayne, depending on who you ask, but friends and family tend to call him Wayne. Wayne has been married to his lovely wife Jodi for thirty-five years. They have three adult children and ten grandchildren. He attends church at Nashville Church of Christ. Wayne can oftem be found enjoying his hobbies of body work... read more

Marla Tipton

Waterfront Supervisor

Marla Tipton may just have Round Lake water in her veins. Any given summer day, you can catch a glimpse of her swimming laps across the lake. Marla has been involved at Round Lake as a faculty kid, camper, faculty member or paid staff since she was three years old. Through junior high, high school and college, she lived and worked at camp when her father, Ellis Wesner, served as the camp's first... read more

Daniel Ruff

Summer Program Staff

Daniel is thrilled to be returning for his third summer as the senior member of the Summer Program Staff. Coming from Northside Christian Church, Daniel has been involved in camp for about 15 years, ranging in roles from camper to volunteer and now to summer staff. One of his favorite camp memories was the year one of his campers was baptized. He could not see himself spending summers anywhere... read more

Jacob Zinn

Summer Program Staff

Hailing from Sunbury Christian Church, Jacob has a strong connection to camp having been a part of it for as long as he can remember. At age eleven, he was baptized in the lake. As he grew older, he transitioned over to Wilderness Camp and eventually served as a volunteer. He is now joining for his first summer as staff. Jacob runs both cross county and track, and he hopes to continue these in... read more

Jamey Rettig

Summer Program Staff

Jamey is excited to join the summer staff team for her second year this summer! In the 1st grade, Jamey was introduced to Round Lake. Since then, she has loved camp! For the past few years, Jamey has devoted a week of her summer to volunteering with Niche Camp. She is a junior at Wittenberg University where she is studying Early Childhood Education and is a member of the Wittenberg Cheerleader... read more

Joshua Thompson

Summer Program Staff

A member of Lakeside Christian Church, Josh has been attending weeks of camp for about 20 years and is joining the team for his second year as Summer Program Staff. He appreciates the connection to God's creation and people found at camp. A sophomore music major, Josh primarily focuses on saxophone with trombone as his secondary instrument. His passion for music has also led him to play the... read more

Kaylyn Halloran

Summer Program Staff

A local resident and member of Nashville Church of Christ, Kaylyn has grown up around the camp and is ready to start her second summer as program staff. She started attending camp in the 1st grade and has enjoyed spending summers here ever since. Kaylyn is majoring in dental hygiene at Stark State College. She loves music and movies. In her free time, she also enjoys hiking, hammocking, playing... read more

Shannon Borton

Summer Program Staff

While joining the Round Lake staff for the first time this summer, Shannon is no stranger to camp. A member of Discover Christian Church, she grew up coming to Round Lake. Many of her friends and family have been a part of Round Lake, and it is where she made the decision to follow Jesus. Shannon considers Round Lake her second home. She is currently studying exercise science with the goal of one... read more

Kelsey Garrett

Summer Night Host/Program Staff

Passionate about camp and with a heart for ministry, Kelsey has been involved at Round Lake for many years, first as a camper and later as a volunteer. She is particularly fond of the 9th-12th Grade Connect Conference hosted at camp each summer. During her time as a camper, she made the decision to give her life to Christ and was baptized at camp. Kelsey is excited to start her first year as... read more

Alex Strouse


A local from Millersburg Christian Church, Alex grew up attending camp. She has been working in the kitchen for the past six years in various roles, now serving as a cook. Alex graduated from Mount Vernon Nazarene University with a degree in Education. She also works at Pomerene Hospital. Her favorite camp recipe to make is Peanut Butter Crisp Bars. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling and... read more

Becky Krieg


A long-time camp supporter, Becky started working at Round Lake as a volunteer in our office and camp store. She now also serves as one of our summer cooks. Becky and her husband, Jeff, attend Nashville Church of Christ where Becky also serves as one of the key volunteers in the children's ministry. 

Janet Hershberger


After many years of service, Janet "retired" in 2016, but she loves camp so much that she has continued to stay on as a part-time summer cook. Janet and her husband have five grown children and 10 grandchildren. They attend Ripley Church of Christ.

Lacey Reynolds


Lacey first came to camp in elementary school, and as soon as she turned 14 she begged and pestered the camp manager for an interview. She got her wish and has been cooking for summer camp and winter retreats ever since. She is now preparing for her 13th summer working at the camp. She loves working in a place where she can be surrounded by positive, godly people. Lacey is a freshman English... read more

Sue Snively


Hailing from Nashville Church of Christ, Sue started working at the camp in 2017. In addition to serving at summer camps, she also loves helping during retreats throughout the year.

Susan Powers


Susan married Lance, Round Lake's current Camp Manager, in 1988. Together they raised three children- Lee, Joe and Courtney (left to right in picture) in the Christian Camp environment. They are now blessed with four grandchildren. Susan has served in camp since the day she met Lance. Currently, she assists in the kitchen and helps with housekeeping at the camp. She attends Nashville Church of... read more

Abby Wichterman

Assistant Cook/Housekeeping

Abby has been both a camper and a volunteer, and she is excited to now be joining the camp staff team. She is from Northside Christian Church.

Nathan Westbrook

Assistant Cook/Housekeeping

Nathan has attended Round Lake as a camper for many years, and 2018 was his first year as a staff member. He plans to attend college this fall and is a member of Millersburg Christian Church.

Roberta Sprang

Assistant Cook

A long-time staff member, Roberta has been a part of summer camp for eighteen years. She attends Ripley Church of Christ.

Tally Ford

Assistant Cook

Tally joined the camp staff for the first time for the summer of 2018. A former camper, she plans to pursue Bible college in the near future.

Jonathan Kandel

Kitchen Helper

Jonathan has been working summers at the camp for three years and manages the Lodge Side dishroom. A former camper, he attends Nashville Church of Christ. Jonathan is an avid runner who enjoys participating in cross country at his high school.

Josh Ware

Kitchen Helper

Josh will be working for the camp part-time this summer. He and his wife, Krista, attend Nashville Church of Christ, where Josh also works. They have a daughter and another baby on the way.

Timothy Kandel

Kitchen Helper

Boasting a contagious sense of humor, Timothy is eager to begin his first summer working at the camp. A former camper, he attends Nashville Church of Christ.

Jodee Derr

Golf Course Manager

Jodee has been a familiar face and a great neighbor of Round Lake Christian Camp for many years. Jodee manages the Round Lake Golf Course Clubhouse, staff, merchandise and food. When Jodee isn't in the club house you can find her out on the course helping with course maintenance and projects, or helping in the kitchens at camp. We are blessed to have Jodee and her husband at the Round Lake Golf... read more

Eric Miller

Wilderness Night Host

Eric has served with the camp for many years and is excited to serve on the summer staff at Wilderness Camp. He is the minister at Second Church of Christ in Newark.  Eric also serves as the dean for our 5th-6th Grade Pow Wow Two. 

Jeremy Westbrook


Peter Crone


Delon Vansickle


Nate Wichterman


Nate has been a familiar face at Round Lake over the years. He first attended as a camper for six years and then served as a volunteer for three years. Nate is a 2016 graduate of Wadsworth High School who is currently studying Science Education at the University of Akron. Some of his favorite camp memories include playing paintball with Jerry Marang and singing One Direction songs while washing... read more

Chelsea Eichelberger

Golf Course Clubhouse Worker

Camp is nothing new for Chelsea. With her grandparents and father all working or having worked for the camp at some point, Chelsea has grown up at Round Lake. This is her third summer working as an official summer staff member. Chelsea loves reading books, working with younger kids and hanging out with friends. I have lived at Round Lake all my life. I enjoy working here and seeing my friends and... read more

Ryan Odenkirk

Golf Course Clubhouse Worker

Rico Barcus

Golf Course Grounds

Ron Pratt

Golf Course Grounds

Team 49 Volunteers

Team 49 is an elite group of volunteers. This designation was assigned to highlight our most dedicated volunteers who go above and beyond in their service to the camp. In fact, they volunteer so often that they are regularly mistaken as full-time staff. These committed volunteers serve with Round Lake on average of once per week. We are blessed to call these individuals a part of our team.... read more