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Lacey Reynolds


Lacey first came to camp in elementary school, and as soon as she turned 14 she begged and pestered the camp manager for an interview and a position in the kitchen. She got her wish and has been cooking for summer camp and winter retreats ever since. Lacey is a middle school Language Arts teacher and envisions herself teaching and working at camp until she’s old and frail. She lives nearby with her husband Ethan and their cat Rumpelstiltskin. They enjoy reading, hiking, exploring museums and all things Disney and Harry Potter.

The lake is the most peaceful, rejuvenating and spirit-filling place I have ever been. There are few things in life that I am happy about waking up at 5am for… cooking breakfast for sleep-deprived campers who are excited to share what they’ve learned about God throughout the week is one of them. I consider Round Lake one of my homes and I am blessed to be a part of what happens here.​