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Connect Conference

June 24
Check in at 5:30 pm
June 29
Check out at 4:00 pm
Josh Robinson
Tyler Chappell


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PLEASE FEED YOUR CAMPER DINNER PRIOR TO CHECK-IN AS NO DINNER IS SERVED THE NIGHT OF CHECK-IN. A snack will be served later that evening, but please ensure your camper has eaten dinner prior to arriving at camp. Thank you! 

Note: This is a Lodge Side session, located at 2678 SR 179, Lakeville, OH 44638 

Connect is an exciting week where high school students can connect with God and each other. This unique program combines the best experiences of youth conferences and summer camp shared together with your youth leaders and youth group. You will enjoy real-life workshop options like team sports, drama, scrapbooking, spiritual discipline, relationships and more. Evenings are intense with great worship, challenging speakers and exciting activities. All of this in the unique and peaceful setting of Round Lake- it doesn't get any better! This session is also open to graduating high school seniors. So if you are graduating this spring, you can still attend a week of camp!

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